Technical Support


If you have a home computer or a small network of computers in your office and you only ever experience problems from time to time and you’re not really I.T savvy or are challenged for time, it can be extremely difficult to find an computer or I.T technician that is happy to take on the small jobs without costing you a small fortune.

Forever Tech Computer & I.T Solutions specialises in jobs that many I.T service providers consider too small or not worth their while.

Services for home and home office users

Setting up a new computer

Installation of software, personalise settings, configuration of internet access or wireless connections, networking to other printers, scanners, computers or external devices.

Setting up software configuration

Setting up your email account, personalising settings on Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook.

Virus cleaning & eradication

Help you select appropriate and reputable anti-virus scanner software, Locate and eradicate viruses from your system.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Help you to choose a new computer, upgrade your existing computer or repair your current system [replacement of faulty parts such as fans, motherboards, RAM, hard disks etc].

Service provider consultation & set up

We will happily offer you objective and independent advice on the best internet service provider and the most suitable plans for your needs.
We can get the system up and running once you’re connection is established.

File back up

We can offer simple solutions on how to back up and protect your files.

Other services for small business

In addition to the many small project solutions we provide to individuals and home office users, we can also help small business in the following areas:

Local Area Network set up

We can set up a cabled or wireless network computers and integrate them with other required external devices.

Server set up & maintenance

We can assist in setting up proxy, email and exchange servers or help to manage and maintain an existing server platform.

Hardware purchases, problems & expansion

We can source brand name and clone desktop machines, screens, key boards, mice and other computer accessories.
We can carry out Compatibility and configuration audits.
We can replace faulty parts or upgrade parts such as internal power supply, motherboards, RAM, hard disks etc.

Security & virus protection

Set up firewalls, recommend and install reputable virus scanners, scan, locate and eradicate viruses from current systems.

Hardware purchase

Help you choose a new computer, upgrade your existing computer or repair your current system.

Backup systems & protocols

We can recommend a robust backup system with a scheduled back up regime designed to suit your individual requirements.

Our competitive edge

We can offer very competitive rates because we only visit your premises if we can’t fix the problem online and over the phone.

We have remote software which allows our technicians to log into your computer from our office and operate it as if they were right there with you.
Ultimately, this system saves you time and money.

Naturally not every job can be done this way, and we will only insist on a face to face visit if it is absolutely necessary such as in setting initial systems or jobs that require us to physically connect hardware, that require’s qualified technicians to complete to ensure warranty issues are not breached.